SA Roadlink started operating at the beginning of 2002, some 9 years later we are one of the leading luxury coach companies in the industry. Over this period of we have carried over 7 million people more than 75 million km's to safety.


Q. I would like to work for SA Roadlink, where can I apply?
A. Email your Cv indicating the position you are applying for to
Q. Am I allowed to take my pet on the bus with me?
A. Unfortunately no pets will be allowed on Sa Roadlink buses, with the exception of seeing eye dogs accompanying a blind passenger.
Q. I would like to purchase a ticket online for my mother who is in Capetown and traveling to Johannesburg. Can she collect the ticket without providing the credit card?
A. Unfortunately the owner of the credit card needs to collect the tickets thus allowing us to verify the Credit Card in the process. Please send the traveller you are buying a ticket for , fax copy of the ticket which will be accepted by our onboard crew.
Q. Can someone else buy a ticket using my credit card?
A. In the case of credit card bookings made via website or SA ROADLINK’s call centre OR via the online booking system, the cardholder must present the credit card used to purchase the ticket(s) and his/her ID document on boarding any SA ROADLINK vehicle or at an SA ROADLINK office 24 hours (or more) before the scheduled departure time. Alternatively, a copy of the front and the back of the relevant credit card, together with a copy of the ID document of the cardholder must be faxed to the SA ROADLINK call centre, as well as signed permission that the cardholder gives authorisation that the transaction may be completed and is valid.
Q. What can I do if I have forgotten something on the bus?
A. Any items found on the bus are handed to the driver. Please contact the Sa Roadlink offices on 011 333 2223 after 24hrs to check if any has handed in lost items. Due to the vast no of buses & trips undertaken over the course of a day we cannot guarantee that we will be able to locate misplaced items in an emergency. We will however endeavour to assist as best we can.
Q. Why is the bus occasionally late?
A. While we endeavour to have our buses ready and waiting at all times, we cannot guarantee this due to situations such as traffic jams, road and weather conditions.
Q. Are the S A Roadlink buses airconditioned?
A. Yes, all coaches are equipped with air- conditioning facilities and temperatures are monitored by hostesses throughout the journey. Passengers are advised to travel with an extra jacket or a small blanket with late afternoon and evening departures.
Q. Can I take items of value on my trip?
A. Yes you can, however they must be kept inside the bus at all times. S A Roadlink will not accept any liability for the loss of any such items.
Q. How long before I depart do I need to be at the Departure point?
A. Passengers should aim to be at the required departure points 30 minutes before the departure time shown on the ticket. Seats not filled within 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time, may be offered for sale to standby passengers on a first come first serve basis.