SA Roadlink started operating at the beginning of 2002, some 9 years later we are one of the leading luxury coach companies in the industry. Over this period of we have carried over 7 million people more than 75 million km's to safety.


This ticket (including IATA/BSP tickets) is issued and conveyance undertaken subject to the following Standard Conditions of Carriage, which include the exclusions of liability contained herein and any person being conveyed by the carrier agrees by the purchase of a ticket, to be bound by the conditions and restrictions herein.
By accepting and using the ticket, the passenger confirms that he/she has read, understands and accepts the terms and conditions noted.


  • SA ROADLINK, its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, and or servants of agents shall not be liable (whether in contract or delict) in any way whatsoever for any loss, injury or damage (including but not limited to consequential or special damages or loss of profits) of whatsoever nature, and whether or not caused by them arising out of, incidental to, or connected in any way with the conveyance or failure to convey by SA ROADLINK of any passenger or person.
  • All persons boarding an SA Roadlink coach or entering premises owned by SA Roadlink or under their control do so entirely at their own risk.
  • The persons name on the ticket issued by SA ROADLINK or any other third party, who claims an obligation due to it/he/she by SA ROADLINK hereby waives a claim it/he/she may have against SA ROADLINK arising out the issue and conveyance of a person and or unaccompanied goods or luggage.
  • The waiver referred to in Clause 2 above will be binding on the heirs, dependants, assignees, executors, trustees or third persons name on the ticket.
  • In the event of tickets issued by SA ROADLINK for travel on vehicles or services to be provided by other operators, the passenger further agrees to be bound by the conditions of carriage of such other operator and SA ROADLINK shall have no liability in any manner whatsoever to such a person irrespective of the circumstances giving arise to such liability.
  • In the event of SA ROADLINK employing the services of another carrier to carry out the journey undertaken in this ticket, whether in whole or a portion of the journey, the passenger or any other persons shall have no claim against SA ROADLINK for any delay caused, and loss (including but not limited to consequential loss); or any other reason. Such passenger’s claim may be limited to claims against such carriers, as provided for in their standard conditions of carriage.
  • SA ROADLINK reserves the right to cancel any of its services for any reason without prior notice. SA ROADLINK will not be liable for loss or damages incurred by passengers as a result of such cancellation, except if such loss or damage arises directly or indirectly from the gross negligence or wilful misconduct of SA ROADLINK or any person acting for or controlled by SA ROADLINK.


  • In the case of online credit card bookings made via website or SA ROADLINK’s call centre (i.e. card not present), the cardholder must present the credit card used to purchase the ticket(s) and his/her ID document on boarding any SA ROADLINK vehicle or at an SA ROADLINK office. Alternatively, a copy of the front and the back of the relevant credit card, together with a copy of the ID document of the cardholder must be faxed or emailed to our National Call Centre or booking office where reservation was made.  A well and signed permission that the cardholder gives authorisation that the transaction may be completed and is valid will be required.
  • NB: When booking online with a Visa / MasterCard credit card, please ensure that your card is registered for 3D secure payments; otherwise your transaction will be declined. Please contact your relevant banking institution for more info:
    • Nedbank                        : 011 710 4710
    • First National Bank          : 011 369 2999
    • Standard Bank                : 0861 201 311
    • ABSA Bank                     : 012 317 3344

 Are the bus fares fixed?
No. Fares are subject to change from time to time at the sole discretion of SA Roadlink. A Roadlink reserves the right to amend; and will not be bound by any verbal quotation of fares.

Is my ticket transferable?
No, tickets are not transferable. They are valid for use only by the persons to whom they are issued and for the date and time shown thereon. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that the correct information is shown on the ticket. Passengers are obligated to travel the complete journey as set out in the ticket and a variation of travel will only be rendered if a ticket is issued in accordance with and that the appropriate fees are paid. A maximum of one child under 3 years of age (I.D. to be produced) may be conveyed free of charge with each fare paying adult passenger. SA ROADLINK maintains a strict NO REFUND Policy.

Does a passenger require travel documents and ID:
We strongly advise passengers to ensure that they are in possession of valid ID and or travel documents for all cross-border journeys. SA ROADLINK accepts no responsibility for passengers who are not in possession of proper and valid travel and or ID documents, or where entry to any country or territory is refused to any person for any reason. No passenger shall have any claim of any nature against SA ROADLINK or its appointed agents, should he/she be prevented from undertaking, or continuing with any journey as a result thereof.

Can I make changes to a booked reservation?
If the passenger would like to change their booking they need to do so 24-hours in advance, by calling the National Call Centre on 011 333 222 3 and make the necessary arrangements. A flat fee of R30 will be charged. The passenger is also liable for the price difference in the ticket.

 General ticket amendments:
No hand-altered tickets will be accepted. Any change to the text and copy of a ticket will render it invalid. Passengers are to ensure that SA ROADLINK effects any change to the ticket and that SA ROADLINK issues a new ticket embodying the changes.

Cancellations must be done telephonically by calling our National Call Centre or at any SA ROADLINK office nationwide. Positive proof of identification will be required, which must be faxed or emailed to the relevant SA ROADLINK office. No cancellation can be done when a ticket has previously been transferred.

If I would like to cancel my booking or the departure date prior; am I entitled to a refund? Tickets will be refunded with travel vouchers valid for 1 year from the date of issue of the voucher. Please note, passengers need to make a new booking as per normal booking procedure. Please bring proof of ID.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE REFUND APPLICATION FORM DOES NOT GUARANTEE A REFUND. ALL REFUNDS ARE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL AND WILL BE THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED BEFORE ANY FEEDBACK IS GIVEN TO THE APPLICANT. In the unlikely event that your service is cancelled by SA Roadlink due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather or a technical problem, the journey will be rescheduled to another convenient date and time.

If the coach was late, am I entitled to a refund?
NO. While at SA Roadlink tries to make every effort to provide-on-time service. It does not guarantee its departure and arrival times, which may be affected by any number of factors including weather, traffic, or mechanical problems. SA Roadlink is not liable for any inconvenience or expenses caused as a result of such a delay.

If a service is cancelled, do I qualify for a refund?
In the case of a service being cancelled, SA Roadlink will give you the opportunity to re-book your ticket on another date and time that is suitable for the passenger or the passenger will receive a travel voucher (travel vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of issue).

Do I qualify for a refund or ticket if the coach was late and I missed a connection coach liner or flight?
NO. SA Roadlink is not liable for the expense of connecting coach service or flight missed as a result of such a delay. However, you may wish to contact the connecting coach liner or airline to advise them of your late arrival to make necessary arrangements for prior. SA Roadlink is not liable for any other costs incurred due to the late arrival of a coach.

If there is a breakdown or the coach is impounded am I entitled to a refund?
NO. While SA Roadlink makes every effort to avoid a breakdown, through its rigorous pre and post trip inspections, SA Roadlink is not liable for any inconvenience or expense caused due to a breakdown. Breakdowns may be caused by a number of factors during the course of a journey, such as the conditions of the roads or any other mechanical faults that may occur on route. In the event of breakdowns SA Roadlink will not be held liable for connective services. No refunds will be paid on the breakdowns.

Do I receive a refund if there is no space for my luggage?
In such an event the passenger will be accommodated on the next available service.

If I decide not to get onto the coach, do I qualify for a refund?
No.  Please refer to clause 3

If I missed my stop, am I entitled to a refund?
No. SA Roadlink will arrange the passenger to be accommodated on the next available coach back to the stop.

What do I do if I am running late?
Passengers must call the closest or departure SA Roadlink branch or National Call Centre 011 333 222 3 and advise them of their potential late arrival in no less than 1 hour before departure. In the event that the passenger misses the bus, SAR and or reservations agency may at own discretion levy an administrative fee of R30 for re-booking.  Re-bookings can be made at SA Roadlink branches and National Call Centre. SA Roadlink is not liable for any costs incurred while waiting for the next coach.

Further to this SA Roadlink is not liable for any inconvenience or expense caused by any form of delay including traffic authorities, road works, traffic etc.

What do I do if I lost my ticket?
Call the National Call Centre on 011 333 222 3 immediately. A booking reference number will be required before any assistance is offered. Note that our current system does not allow re-issuing of same ticket. SA Roadlink will not be held liable for any loss of ticket by means of negligence or any other manner.

What happens if a passenger’s name is not on the passenger list but the passenger is in possession of a valid ticket?
• If the coach is full the passenger will be put onto the next available service
• If the coach has seats available the passenger will be able to travel

In both cases the passenger will be required to give details of the outlet where the ticket was purchased.

Can I transfer my ticket into someone else’s name, either a spouse, friend, relative,  etc.?
Yes 24-hours beforehand. You must call the SA Roadlink branch or National Call Centre 011 333 222 3. Items that are required for a transfer: valid reason, to the sole discretion of SA Roadlink, and copy of ID.

How do I lodge a complaint or recommendation?
Please urgently contact any of the numbers listed below within 7 days after incident. It is important to note that any complaints received/lodged after the specified period will not be accepted.

Departure time:
Passengers are required to check in at the departure points 30 minutes before the departure time shown on the ticket. Failure on the part of the passenger to check in 30 minutes prior to the departure time, the ticket will be interpreted as a cancellation and the passenger’s seat may be offered for sale to standby passengers on a first come, first serve basis. In the instance of a passengers’ failure to check in, the NO REFUND Policy will apply.

Passengers luggage:
Unless contracted to the contrary, and at the sole discretion of SA ROADLINK, each fare-paying passenger is permitted to take free of charge, at own risk, two pieces of luggage not exceeding 80cm x 60cm x 30cm in size, of a total mass not exceeding 30kg.
SA ROADLINK reserves the right to refuse the carriage of luggage that does not comply with these conditions. Large items must be carried in the luggage compartment and loaded only by the company’s servant or agent.

Passengers should obtain a SA ROADLINK luggage sticker when boarding. Unaccompanied luggage will not be carried. SA ROADLINK will not be held responsible for loss or damage to passenger’s luggage, hand luggage or personal effects resulting from circumstances beyond its control. No valuable items are to be placed in the luggage holds. The carrying of firearms is not permitted on SA ROADLINK coaches. Harmful chemicals, explosives, or toxic substances will not be carried.

It is the responsibility of passengers to ensure that luggage or personal property is not left on the coaches when disembarking. Any missing or lost luggage should be reported within 12-hours, by calling our National Call Centre 011 333 222 3 or closest SA Roadlink branch. SA Roadlink will use all reasonable efforts to assist the passenger, however, SA Roadlink will not be held liable for any missing luggage and items. Passengers should not place valuable items such as cellular phones, jewellery, laptops or other computer equipment, electronic items, cash, credit cards, spectacles, sun glasses and fragile or perishable items in the luggage compartment.

Unaccompanied minors/Children:
No unaccompanied children under the age of 12 will be carried. Positive identification is required when the ticket is purchased and on boarding the coach for unaccompanied minors. Children from the age of 13 will be allowed to travel on condition that an indemnity form or authorisation is received from a parent or legal guardian in respect of (each) unaccompanied minor. SA ROADLINK accepts no liability whatsoever for the incorrect collection of minors and accepts no liability in the safe keeping of such passengers during conveyance.

No animals will be carried with the exception of a trained guide dog accompanying a blind person.

Public liability insurance
SA Roadlink will make every effort to ensure safe conveyance of passengers. Nevertheless we regret that the SA ROADLINK PASSENGER SERVICES (Pty) Ltd., it’s management, staff, servants & agents must stipulate that they are absolutely unable to accept liability or responsibility for injury or damage of any nature whatsoever whether arising from negligence or any other cause howsoever which is suffered by any person who uses the bus service provided by SA ROADLINK. SA ROADLINK does not provide general insurance cover for passengers, their property or their luggage. All passengers should ensure that they are adequately insured, for any contingencies associated with road travel.

General restrictions:
No standing passengers shall be conveyed. Passengers may not lie or sit in the aisle or toilet of the coach. No luggage may be stowed in the aisle or toilet of the coach. Seat allocations shall be either on a first come first serve basis, alternatively on a reservation basis, at the sole discretion of SA ROADLINK.

In accordance with prevailing legislation, smoking is PROHIBITED on all SA ROADLINK coaches. This will include passenger compartments and toilet facilities.

Alcohol is prohibited on all SA ROADLINK coaches. Any intoxicated passenger found on board will be instructed to disembark immediately. Passengers are encouraged to report any misconduct of this nature to the bus driver or bus crew.

Right of conveyance
SA Roadlink reserves the right to refuse to undertake the conveyance of or the continued conveyance of any passenger(s) who violate any of the above terms and conditions. SA Roadlink reserves the right to refuse to transport or continue to transport any passenger(s), provided such refusal does not result to unfair discrimination of any kind.

SA ROADLINK will make every effort to keep the current published timetable, but services may be affected by road, weather or other conditions beyond SA ROADLINK control. SA ROADLINK will therefore not accept liability for any costs incurred by passengers under such circumstances.
SA ROADLINK reserves the right to revise seat allocations without notice and to operate substitute vehicles of a different standard to those advertised.
SA ROADLINK reserves the right to cancel any of its services for whatever reason without notice. Passenger will then be accommodated on the next available coach travelling the journey. Under no circumstances will any liability be accepted for losses incurred by pre-booked passengers.
SA ROADLINK will not be bound by fares incurred by pre-booked passengers. SA ROADLINK will not be bound by fares quoted verbally to passengers when such fares differ on the purchase of the ticket. All fares and schedules are subject to change without notice. E&OE
SA ROADLINK reserves the right to refuse to transport or continue to transport, any passenger(s), provided that such refusal shall not result in any unfair discrimination.

SA ROADLINK will not refuse the transport of passengers merely based on the fact that they are physically challenged. SA ROADLINK reserves the right to revise seat allocations without prior notice and to operate substitute vehicles of a different standard from those advertised.

Fares are subject to change without prior notice from SA ROADLINK.

No agent, employee or representative of SA ROADLINK has the power to amend or waive any of the terms and conditions of this agreement, without the approval of the passenger in question.


The passenger will be liable for all legal costs, as may be permissible by law, spent in recovering any amount that the passenger owes SA Roadlink.